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Peter & Rocna Anchors announce new US & UK patents

20th August 2015

Peter Smith with Rocna and Vulcan US patent

Peter Smith, licensor of the Rocna Anchors brand and designs, has been granted patents by the US and UK patent offices protecting Rocna’s new anchor technology. The patents cover the new Vulcan anchor – released last year – with its unique roll-palm™ and shank geometry which endow it with performance comparable to the well-established Rocna anchor without the need for a roll-bar. They also cover Rocna’s newly developed I+V™ shank profile, in addition to protecting further inventions yet to be brought to market.

“This new patent secures our current and future anchor designs including the Vulcan, which has already enjoyed a highly successful launch,” said Smith, who is currently working on refitting his 15 m expedition yacht in Europe. “The inventions protected are serious developments, not gimmicks… real improvements that we are able to bring to boaters with good engineering and the help of more sophisticated manufacturing methods.”

The inventions covered in the patents build on and add to existing Rocna designs and technology, meaning that each new anchor going forward will benefit from multiple layers of intellectual property protection. Boaters will be secure in the knowledge that their anchor is built on real innovation and development.

“This establishes a solid base for us to keep Rocna known as the top performing anchor range on into the future,” commented John Mitchell, CEO of Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd and Rocna Anchors manufacturer. “It will allow us to consolidate its position worldwide as boaters’ most preferred anchor.”

Rocna anchors are available through your local marine retailers. For more information on the Rocna and Vulcan, please visit the Rocna Anchors website.

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