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Contact Peter

Peter, rowing to Kiwi Roa
Peter, rowing to “Kiwi Roa”. Hovgaard Island, Antarctica

Peter lives onboard Kiwi Roa and is usually away from the internet and other convenient forms of communication. This form will allow you to send a message to him via SailMail, which is a very low-speed e-mail service sent via HF radio. SailMail is slow, commonly faulty, and unreliable, so Peter may take some time to respond.

If you have a customer or retail enquiry about the Rocna anchor, please refer to the contact details on the Rocna Anchors website.

A common query relates to sizing anchors. Peter is happy to help in these cases, but please first consult the Rocna Anchors sizing chart and the article concerning Rocna sizing philosophy, as familiarity with these will assist.

If you have a comment or question relating to one of Peter’s trips or photo journals, please consider instead posting a public comment at the bottom of the respective page. All comments are seen by Peter.

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