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Photo story: Namibia

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Walvis Bay Wildlife

The white pelican, with a wingspan of four meters, is listed as endangered.

Walvis Bay pelicans
Walvis Bay pelicans
Walvis Bay pelicans

Kiwi Roa (the name is Maori for large grey flightless bird) is at home in this avian paradise.

At the time of writing there is no marina, only a friendly yacht club, and we anchored on good holding in around four meters depth. There is some surge in the anchorage, and if the wind switches to WNW the fetch is long, so a totally reliable anchor and good spring rode is advisable – especially if leaving the vessel unattended for long. We travelled inland to the Namib-Naukluft National Park, and it was only the boat being anchored on a Rocna that gave me the confidence to leave her for half a week.

Walvis Bay gulls

The pelican is clumsy on terra firma, but majestic aloft.

Pelican airbourne

Over 150 bird species are recorded in the Walvis Bay Ramsar site.

Pelican on rock
Pelicans on beach
Pelican row

Terns and cormorants compete with the fishing industry of man.

Walvis Bay ships